Immunity Drink

Chlorella is a unicellular algae that contains the largest amount of chlorophyll among known plants, is a powerful detoxifying and is one of the most nutritious plants in the world. It contains 18 amino acids including the 8 essential amino acids. It is very rich in calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, beta-carotene, biotin, carotenoids, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, folic acid, proteins, essential amino acids, vitamin A, B5, B6, B12, E, K.  

The cellulose content of Chlorella has the ability to attract, bind heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, insecticides, and then to remove them from the body and accelerate the intestinal transit. It adjusts the blood pressure by lowering or increasing it depending on the situation Hypertension / Hypotension, increases immunity to infections, eliminates potential cancer cells, regulates glycemic and lipid metabolism beneficial to diabetes, has antioxidant properties, helps reduce body mass , by lowering hypodermic fat and blood lipid levels. For those who consume Chlorella for the first time, it has to be gradually introduced into the body.  

Spirulina is an algae that has the highest content of Vitamins, amino acids and ferments, is one of the most complete super foods in the world with the most balanced nutrient composition. Spirulina has an extremely high amount of protein (about 70%), minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antihistamine effects and is also known for its ability to fight cancer. Spirulina helps to strengthen the body's immune system, supports cardiovascular functions and healthy cholesterol with vitamin B1, E, magnesium, fiber, intensifies body detoxification and detoxification naturally with fibers and chlorophyll, improves digestive and gastrointestinal health by activating and stimulating bacteria beneficial in the intestines and helps improve the absorption of nutrients, especially vitamin B1 and B2, and reduces the risk of illness by providing better antioxidant protection.  

Chlorella and Spirulina are recommended for vegans, athletes, for optimizing body functions, maintaining health, developing a healthy physical and mental body, revitalizing and detoxifying the body.  

This is a detoxifying drink rich in chlorophyll, protein and is very good for the immune system.  


250 ml of coconut water  
100 gr of good ripe pineapple 
1 banana  
2 tablespoons of lemon juice  
2 spoons of Spirulina  
1 teaspoon of Chlorella  
1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon  

Mix all the ingredients in the blender.  

Instead of coconut water, any juice, water or milk can be used.


  1. stii cumva de unde pot lua cea mai buna pudra de spirulina ?

  2. Recomand de la Andreea Lazarescu, are cele mai bune produse dar nu sunt sigura daca mai are magazin. Poti sa ii dai un mail si sa o intrebi. aici mai sunt si alte adrese

  3. Si tot la ea gasesti mai multe informatii despre spirulina si chlorella



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